Intro: Footsteps


Oftentimes I’m overwhelmed by the Internet, not inspired. Too much scrolling. Too much information to filter through. Vertical and confined and conformed.

How do we pave our own paths when we’re using our finite time to follow the followers of our following?  What happened to footsteps? And the anxious possibility that pulls you down a trail?

Ditch the click-holes and click-bait and just – stop –


Turn off the screen. Blink in the darkness for a moment.

Write one word on a sheet of paper, without reason or thought. Write the next that comes to your mind.

Ponder it.

Write another, one that feels better. Spill a pile onto the page, until you feel calm.

This is my hope for this blog–don’t worry, I realize the irony of my words. Here IS, in fact, another record of another journey of another wanderlusty youth backpacking towards self discovery.

But here too is a space for space.

Here you’ll find:

  • A funny anecdote
  • A list (people like lists)
  • A sweet thematic analysis
  • A photo
  • An observation
  • A word

I’m just going to WRITE. So here it is. Share your comments; share your words. Thanks to you all.

Intoxicating. That’s my word for tonight.