Wanderlust has become a buzzword in the travel and travel blogging community that seems to reach out to people from all walks of Earth: the solo travelers, the female travelers, the couple travelers, the budget travelers, the couch travelers.

This blog is for the authentic travelers.

This blog, these pages, are for the wanderlusters who truly wander. Who value meaningful travel, who travel affordably. Who want to leave everything behind in pursuit of knowledge of the world.

The vagabond lifestyle, the hippie lifestyle, doesn`t mean not showering, doesn`t mean robbing, doesn`t entail anything negative or uncomfortable–on the contrary, it`s a type of nomadic travel that emphasizes connecting across cultures through a more open ended travel experience. Long distance, long term, low budget travel. Natural, nomadic, curious travelers. It means serving as a sort of diplomat between countries to open the eyes of yourself and others to the world and all its beauty. 

Vagabonds cultivate, promote, and disperse understanding through the world. They access communities to connect people and to learn about how they live, how they work, and how they think.

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view.” – Atticus Finch

Vagabonding teaches you that before you judge, before you criticize, before you SPEAK, to consider the opinion of the other. To allow your assumptions to be challenged. To allow yourself a moment of openness.

This collection of photos, anecdotes, biographies, quotes, and musings, is for the vagabonds on the road, off the road, and those who wish to be on the road. Enjoy, connect, and interact with this community of adventurers!

With love,



Thoughts for the Community:

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