Chao Chaitén 

So this morning we woke up to the first white cloud opening up above the tent in about three days. We scurried to organize the tarps and the backpacks, still wary that it would return. Mochilas heavy with damp clothing, we put some tea in a thermos and left for the hut that serves as … Continue reading Chao Chaitén 



I'm sitting in a tiny town in the region of Aysen called Cisnes, where I just received a meal and housing for the night from the rain out of pure hospitality. There's music and meat and conversation and community, and Calle 13's song Latinoamérica plays in the background. Listen to it to feel, to connect. … Continue reading Latinoamérica

Intro: Footsteps

Breathe. Oftentimes I'm overwhelmed by the Internet, not inspired. Too much scrolling. Too much information to filter through. Vertical and confined and conformed. How do we pave our own paths when we're using our finite time to follow the followers of our following?  What happened to footsteps? And the anxious possibility that pulls you down … Continue reading Intro: Footsteps